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It's the end of the world.... lets all have sex

Posted on 2008.02.21 at 19:37
Well I thought maybe I'd update here but its been so long I fear heart attacks from the unexpected post appearing from behin the curtain. For those wondering, why yes a large part of this post was getting to point out my sweet ass Ianto icon w00t XD

Lol Haz just borrowed my Obelix bag to take to the Toga party to keep his id etc in. We then engaged in a humourous pun filled exchange about Oblesiks being "pulled out" and shown to ladies. Ahhh juvenile minds. We then concluded most there would not know what they were and thus the joke would be lost. Ahhhh snerfs
D/l'ed 'Not Dead Yet' fanmix.

Hah on way home from Foundry on Tue, rather drunk got stopped by cop near park that kid was killed at. He noticed the jug I had in my hand and asked where I had gotten it from. I rather unconvincingly replied "Home". He knowingly remarked 'Going to return it to the foundry?" "Yes' I blatantly lied. Why do I only ever run into cops when drunk?

Have pretty much killed myself dead on janto fic. Its so hard not to now though, cos its canon! I dont know when that will stop being squee if ever. I love my fandoms, afte reading a torchwood/SGA crossover I rewoke my SGA love and am now reading a totally fucked crackfic thats not but is Mpreg

I <3 McKay so much. Lol i spazzed out about T'ealc at work to some unsuspecting girl who was buying SG1, I think she was scared of the feverish fan glazed look and spazz hands I was working.

For your depraved pleasure http://rageprufrock.livejournal.com/315307.html

Right off to drink

stumping or squicking; Arnie or Sly; Hulk Hogan or Mr T

Posted on 2007.08.26 at 23:55
Current Music: Christina
Fri went to Kate's and then with her and Eva watched the Undie cars. Met up with Ayla and went back to Kates to watch the boys get made up. JK made the prettiest girl, honestly he was so pretty; although Kinan had the best legs, damn boys and their legs. After Kate, Ayla and I went driving and we stopped off at the gas station wherein one of the 'Chrome Dome' boys washed the windscreen randomly for us and kate nearly ran some of the "Emobile' boys over. Got ice cream then hung at the foundry and stole drinks. Work I was slightly drunk for first bit which was sweet as it went pretty fast.

Sat work was boring. Got home and changed into the shortest skirt EVER!!! Went to party and had a good time from memory. Trina was v cool and Nni, her and I played drinking game which I blame for my black out of large chunk of night. I remember taking photos of my ass and MeShell's boobs though, dirty dancing and lots of yells of "Klahn!!"

Woke up this morn a little worse for wear. My stomach got the hangover, my head was fine. Had shower couple of hours after waking and found on my stomach the words 'So many groins, so little time." Can anyone explain that?

Um.. Anway Tony (Hulk Hogan guy) came round and we were just hanging in Kates room was good as all sunny. Then Ziman and Hamish came round. Rory came round for a bit and took us to supermarket wherein Ayla bought pizza, choc and choc chip waffles w00t w00t

After a while I faced the alcohol (hey, it was free!). We went driving, Ayla, Kate, Ziman, Hamish and I. It was mean. We were playing drinking games and asking questions as in the title. We went to New Brighton and on a hooker run. We were driving round hills and stopped at this lookout point and there was a possum. Hamish was trying to throw his bottles at it. Then Kate was trying to get it with the hooker boots in Zimans car. It was so much fun just driving, drinking and talking crap.

God, everyone was giving me crap about Rory! Poodle, Ziman, Tony, Kate... honestly all of them. Thank christ they shut up when Rory was actually there. I had a great time though. I'm so glad I met Kate (and that she stalked me), I always end up having a great time with her. Yay.
Even if she did make me listen to Hanson!

Retiring to a cult

Posted on 2007.08.19 at 12:15
Current Music: Nsync
Work was of the boredom as usual. I made the bluetack at service into a ghost and it even has a speech bubble saying 'boo'. So far the bluetack has been a star; heart; A; Dolphin; whale; telephone; car and now ghost.  So caught bus home and chatted to Andrew who was telling me how he was going to ask this chick at work out, was all cute.

Got home and put on dress and drew blood on Harri like slit wrists. Harri then drew a third eye and a rune on my face. Luckily harri got the pink eyeshadow and I got eyeliner asHarri's stuff hasn't come off so well lol Actually I kinda remember it not coming off to well,  my bad. Dave's party was good times. Ayla's hair was king. Hung out with Rory and ended up talking for years. The Pants round ankles Haka was the winner of the night I think though lol.

Was walking home today with Rory and this lady (in like 50's) was walking this guy and lady to the street. They come out of the drive and she is talking she looks our way, stops in mid sentence and just stares at me. Then sort of starts and realises what she's done and trys to keep talking. Rory was like "So feeling self conscious in that dress now?" I honestly thought it was a pretty tame dress.

Anyways off to avoid working so more. Such a goregous day out.

Holy Lame Update

Posted on 2007.08.12 at 17:23
Current Location: The BatLouisa's bedroom
Current Music: Something That I Miss
So it is my new mission in life to get at the minimum the entire world to watch the 60's Batman movie. So far I've gotten Mr E, MeShell and Harri so I think i'm doing well. Mr E exceptionally enjoyed the logic skills they used, but who wouldn't? Fri I went to work and we were short-staffed due to more managment mishaps. Then harri and I watched more Supernatural. Work on Sat was lame to Bataclismic levels.

MeShell came round Sat night an her and Harri drank. Today my parentals popped in. They had Nni's present which is taunting me, sitting there warbling 'Open, open, open'. However I also have Torchwood singing 'Ianto, Ianto, Jack, Ianto, welsh, Myfanway' its like a chorus crying for concern. Batman has affected my linguistic skills.

I'm supposed to be working on my assignment but I'm really not.

For those who haven't seen Batman I'll leave you with this awesome riddle, imagine you're seeing it written in the sky by a Polaris missile.

                                                  What weighs 6 oz's, sits in a tree and is very dangerous?

Happy clouds

Posted on 2007.08.09 at 16:19
It was one of those perfect days today. The sun was shining, there was no wind and everyone was happy. Went to uni wherein we learnt about psychopaths and had chats with neil (the girl sitting in front of us's red neck pimple). Sat out in sun on bench after with kate and Ayla and Jimmy, who was all sparkly about his boyfriend. After an hour of hanging out, cos it was too nice to do anything else, we went to the library where I printed out my assignment. It was a piece of crap and I didn't care one bit. Kate and I went to 'Captain Ben's' and got some chicken fried rice, mine also had cashew nuts XD

We then went to Video store, on way I had meet-ups with harri, Katie and MeShell all randomly. We got out this absolute pit called 'Cry wolf' pathetic. The video store guy and I had this like rant going the whole time he was serving us. Just talking shit, its funny how easy it is now to do that. Both sides just playing off each other and building lies on top of lies. While we were watching, Ayla, Eva and Rory came round. We ended up sprawled around Kate's room in the sun listening to music. It was brilliant.

In other news: Harri and I played 'Supernatural' drinking game last night w00t w00t
                          I'm currently talking to C-man <3 <3
                          My card declined the other day on $2, luckily Mandz bought me tea
                         My payrise has gone through yet I still end up with not enough money, i think i'm offically greedy
                          Peks sent me the notebook our group made for her years ago and it made me sad cos we said we'd be friends forever.

How interesting is DID

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 11:37
 This interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty8d_7GBx6k

Duo choc is my new King - sorry hulk Hogan Guy

Posted on 2007.07.20 at 13:00
Current Music: Something that I miss: A James Wilson mix
Why is it always me who gets the weird looks? take this for example:
      Yesterday I went to the mall with Harri so she could get a sheet for the toga party. We are walking through Kmart and I mention to her for some reason that now alludes me "One man's foot is another man's shoe" There was a later middle aged woman walking past and she gave me the hellass disgusted look for that one. Hey fair enough, although did no one ever tell you its rude to eavesdrop?

    Anyway so then we get to the queue and I mention how some magazine I read at work had 'happily Eva after' as it's catch line for a story on Eva Longoria's wedding and some lady turned round and gave me hellass evils. Ok sure it was a bad pun but there's no need to bame ME for that! Now for the kicker, Harri mentioned sex and Haz and was chatting to me about them both and no one even blinked!! WTF!

Abnormal was just as funny as it always is. Jimmy's phone went off loudly all ringing and Kate and I pissed ourselves. Then Our lab tutor made some remark about spread and I said "You're a good spread." Which me being me was not said as quietly as one might hope.

faux pa's and free alcohol

Posted on 2007.07.15 at 12:23
Work was hell ass boring yesterday. I introduced Scott to my parents as he always wanted to meet them and virtually the first thing out of his mouth (straight after the whole "Hi, I'm Scott" part) was "So, I hear you're a bread scientist." My Da just turned and looked at me and cracked up. I honestly don't think there's anyone I've ever  met who i haven't  told about my Da being a bread scientist lol.

Got home and was v tired and hung for bit with Haz and MeShell. MeShell and her bro were chatting on her cellphone and me and Haz also had a chat each with him. Thanks to Haz I ended up talking about his cock with him, such is my life.

Went to Kate's 21st. How scary is walking into a packed party by yourself and seeing absolutely no one you know. Anyway Kate was all drunk and huggy and we found Dave. Who showed me the beer and his girlfriend who is lovely. Ran into Ayla and hung with her. She told me all the goss about everyone. Was chatting with Rory and sharing some goss and then in a moment of faux pa genius the girl who slept with the guy was his ex that he's still hung up on!!!! So yeah that was uncomfortable.

Had a great night, there was a guy who had a Hulk Hogan mo and it was bleached and everything!! He was King.

HOLY BEJEEZUS@!!@!!!@@@!!!

Posted on 2007.07.12 at 19:49
Current Music: George Micheal
Um so Da rings and says a letter has arrived for me to them from my aunt Leona. Enclosed in a Spike Milligan (fricking sweet) card is a cheque for my uni fees. She pays some of it dependent on my marks. So the cheque reads $21,100!!!!!! No typo's there, it is a twenty one thousand dollar cheque!!!!!!

Um dude my mind is blown.

Uni starts again next week and I have shit ass classes. Got back abnormal mark, mean was 52 and I got 69.5 so stoked there. Unfortunately kate failed kinda badly however Jimmy came about 6th in the whole class.

Haz is back sunday. Coffee with Jimmy and Kate tomorrow; work then hanging at Haz's with her, MeShell and Katie; Kate's 21st on sat and thats the weekend plans.

The Covenant is very good in the fan-service department.

Oh and for conference we are going as the Planeteers from captain planet, lol. That's if all goes to plan

Posted on 2007.07.06 at 12:16
On Wed worked 11-8 and then Haz picked me up and we went to my parentals wherein I got some grocs and homemade choc ice cream. Then to Harri's parents house where we had spa (which kicked) and watched stargate. Was hilarious as I got in the car and we literally talked straight for like half an hour.

Last night was 'Cheer Caitlin Up Drinks'. The bar was rather empty and we all consumed a few jugs and I had an awesome time. Quite a bunch of us turned up and we drunk til closing. Then Jonny, Glen, Scott, Caitlin and Brooks came back to mine. On way we stopped at Big Gary's but the bastard was shut, which we had a rant about with this group of drunk guys and a group of druk girls who had all come to partake. So dropped in at Countdown. The guys played Backgammon and chess and Brooks and Caitlin left together which is really gonna cause trouble between her and Bridie. I'm just thankful Bridie is leaving cos that would be one hell of a mess otherwise.

Oh and Nni when we were on way to pub we drove past U and G'funk and I couldn't figure how to get the window open so I was banging on it and then honked horn at you. Thats what my text was about

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